Tuition Blacklisted Parents

Blacklisted parents/students

This is a free website to help tutors in Singapore check whether a certain parent is blacklisted (refuses to pay tuition fees, bad attitude, etc.)

To add a parent to the blacklist, please post in the comments below. Please include a valid reason (eg. non-payment of tuition fees, very bad attitude, etc.), as well as information about the parent (address, phone number, etc.)

To avoid any legal problems so that this website can stay alive and help more tutors, please obscure the address, phone number, name slightly with wildcards, eg. *, but make it still recognisable. Eg. Tan Ah Kow becomes T*n Ah K*w, 91234567 becomes ***34567.

In particular, put down the last 4 digits of the phone number so that tutors can easily search for it via Ctrl-F.

Comments without valid reason will be deleted.

Parents who wish to remove their name can email with a valid reason.

The aim of this website is not to humiliate or embarrass parents, but rather to safeguard the rights and improve the welfare of private tutors in Singapore.

“Those who work deserve their pay!”

– 1 Timothy 5:18


3 thoughts on “Tuition Blacklisted Parents

  1. To all tutors,
    Please beware of this China client staying around In a condo around Kallang area. The last 4 digits of her number are ****1118.
    This parent has never paid on time and will always give me partial payments for tuition services. Usually, payments will be dragged for 2 to 3 months and the mum will not pay the full amount. She tends to do partial payments despite her kids performing well in their tests and assignments. I have been a victim of this and have tolerated this for a year. I am an MOE teacher and a scholar and the mother wanted me to coach her children well. Do bear in mind that when her kids perform slightly below her expectations ( below 90 percent) in a non graded test or a spelling test ,you will be held liable. Her children are difficult to handle and they are neither self driven nor responsible. She WILL FAULT you and use this as an evidence not to pay you the full amount that you rightly deserve regardless of how much effort and dedication you have put in.
    Please beware of this lady.

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